In Battle Edit

On the Field Edit

When Selected to Perform an Action Edit

  • On your mark! (High Morale)
  • I'm ready to go! (High Morale)
  • Let's go! (High Morale)
  • Your call, Mythrik!
  • What's next?
  • Where am I headed?
  • Watch my back! (Low Morale)
  • Where am I needed? (Low Morale)
  • What now? (Low Morale)

Moving Edit

  • On my way! (High Morale)
  • Heading out! (High Morale)
  • Moving out!
  • Headed there!
  • Coming! (Low Morale)
  • I'm getting there! (Low Morale)

Told to Wait Edit

  • Understood! (High Morale)
  • I'll wait here! (High Morale)
  • Alright.
  • I'll wait for you.
  • Okay. (Low Morale)
  • Got it. (Low Morale)

Told to Attack Edit

  • I'll get 'em! (High Morale)
  • I see 'em! (High Morale)
  • I won't let them escape! (High Morale)
  • Weapons ready!
  • Enemy Spotted!
  • Time to strike!
  • Alright! (Low Morale)
  • If you say so. (Low Morale)
  • Okay! (Low Morale)

Finds Supplies Edit

  • I've acquired enemy armaments! (Picks up enemy weapon)
  • I've got enemy hardware! (Picks up enemy weapon)
  • I guess they don't need this any more than I do. (Picks up enemy weapon)
  • This looks to be in good shape. (Picks up weapon)
  • It looks like I could use this. (Picks up weapon)
  • Nice. I've found a weapon! (Picks up weapon)
  • Gah! What'd I just hit my foot on? Oh... that would explain why it hurt! (Picks up powerful weapon)
  • Wow! We can certainly use this! (Picks up powerful weapon)
  • Hey! This one might come in real handy! (Picks up powerful weapon)
  • Eh. I guess I can use this. (Picks up gag weapon)
  • What am I supposed to do with this thing?! (Picks up gag weapon)
  • Who would use this? Eh. I guess someone will. (Picks up gag weapon)
  • Hey guys! I found some ammo! (Finds bullets, grenades, arrows, or bolts)
  • Can't use your ranged weapons without ammo! (Finds bullets, grenades, arrows, or bolts)
  • Hey! I've found some ammo to go around. (Finds bullets, grenades, arrows, or bolts)
  • I've found some food to take back home! (Finds food)
  • Heh. I suppose we can eat this! (Finds food)
  • Hmm! I bet we could cook something up with this! (Finds food)
  • I could find a use for this... (Finds item)
  • Huh. This looks important. Better take it with me. (Finds item)
  • This looks useful... (Finds item)
  • Wow! This place is loaded with stuff! (Finds cache)
  • Hey! I just found a cache of supplies! We should check it out! (Finds cache)
  • Everyone! I just found a stockpile! (Finds cache)