"Are you sure you want to do this, Mythrik?! This seems like suicide!"
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"Future Kinshi Knight. A gun, bow, and sword user on a hovercraft. Utilizes high speed, movement, and range. Extremely frail."
- Class Description

Strykers are a combat physical class introduced in Chrono. Bearing a high resemblance to most Pegasus units, they have high speed and movement, along with low defense and HP. However, unlike Pegasus Knights, the Stryker also suffers from low resistance. Also, they wield guns and bows, allowing them to stay out of the range of dangerous melee units, and even allowing them to avoid bows. Along with this, they wield swords instead of lances.

Strykers are a perfect example of a stereotypical glass cannon; they can dodge attacks, but normally, one good hit is enough to off them. Along with that, their mount of choice, hovercrafts, are weak as well, normally taking one hit to knock out of commission. Also, their dodge rate is lower than most similar units, meaning they are less dependable in terms of defending themselves.

Skills Edit

Skill Level Learnt Effect
Projectile Range -1/+1 Level 1 Decreases minimum projectile range by 1 and increases maximum projectile range by 1.
Gear Lock Level 8 No accuracy penalty while piloting a vehicle.
Overdrive Level 17 +1 movement when piloting a vehicle.
Scout Level 24 Reveals all hidden units that this unit is within the range of.
Mechanist's Fusion Level 32 Whenever this unit gains health, so does the vehicle it's piloting, and vice versa.

Notable Strykers Edit

  • Xaven - Escapee from a branded attack, and a traveler from another dimension.
  • Possible personality class for Lynette.

Trivia Edit