"A servant that never lets their guard down. Defends their kingdom with swords and knives."
- Class Description

Royal Protectors are a combat physical class introduced in Chrono. It can be thought of as a offensive version of the Maid/Butler class from Fates, though the Queen's Shadow promotion for Royal Protector bears a greater similarity to them than the Royal Protector class itself does. It is the starting class of the Avatar before they become ruler of Kunbri, and becomes the class of Komos/Theros once the avatar becomes king/queen of Kunbri. The Royal Protector's promotion choices are the King's Shadow, Queen's Shadow, King's Servant, and Queen's Servant.

Royal Protectors, as their name would have you suggest, have above average Resistance and Skill, with high Defense. However, they are sort of lacking in the Speed and HP departments.

Skills Edit

Skill Level Learned Effect
Day and Night Level 1 This unit can still support other units, even when asleep.
Always Watching Level 12 If this unit starts the turn beside another unit and that unit moves, use "Follow" to move over to that unit (no matter how far away they are) and perform an action. Does not work on allies that used actions such as "warp", and does not work if the ally took two moves.

Notable Royal Protectors Edit

  • The Avatar - Prince/Princess of Kunbri, and King Paras's retainer before becoming King/Queen.
  • Komos - The Avatar's maid from birth, now turned retainer.
  • Theros - The Avatar's butler from birth, now turned retainer.
  • Meena - Kino's brave, courageous retainer who refuses to allow Kino to be in danger.
  • Sana - A retainer to Kino who only protects her because he's told to.

Trivia Edit

  • Royal Protector is the first class who's promotions are dependent on the gender of the Avatar; a male avatar means physical promotions, and a female avatar means magical promotions.