Range Dynamics is a system in Chrono that reinforces previous concepts of ranged attacks while introducing new, unseen concepts, mainly focusing around guns. > means "has/have an advantage over" in this context. Bold means an extreme advantage, italics means an extreme disadvantage

Reinforced Concepts Edit

  • Any attack that leaves an opponent unable to defend themselves is advantageous.
  • At point blank, Swords, Axes, Lances, and other melee weapons > Tomes, Bows, Knives, and other ranged weapons.
  • At range, Projectile weapons > thrown weapons.

New Concepts Edit

  • Crossbows > Normal Bows.
  • Guns > Bows.
  • At point blank, Scatterguns > any other gun.
  • At two spaces, Small Guns > Rifles > Scatterguns > Sniper Rifles
  • At three-four spaces, Rifles > Sniper Rifles > Small Guns > Scatterguns
  • Beyond, Sniper Rifles > Rifles > Small Guns > Scatterguns