"A Royal Protector who never lets down their queen. Defends the queen with swords, knives, magic, and staves."
- Class Description
The Queen's Shadow is a combat physical, magical, and support class introduced in Chrono. A promotion of the Royal Protector, if the Avatar is female, it wields the same weapons as before, with the exception of now using tomes, giving it a better chance against armored foes. Also, it now has the ability to wield staves, letting it heal allies and making it a perfect support class when paired with skills Live to Serve and On My Heart.

The Queen's Shadow has similar stats and growth to the Royal Protector. However, it has higher Res, slightly higher Def, a minor boost to Mag, and slightly higher skill.

Skills Edit Edit

Skill Level Learned Effect
Live to Serve Level 5 Using a healing staff heals both the target and the user.
On My Heart Level 16 Allows the use of a stave directly after this unit falls, and extends the maximum range of that stave by 1. Can also heal the unit it was paired with.

Notable Queen's Shadows Edit

Possible promotion for Komos and Theros, if the Avatar is female.