"A promotional item for advanced and special units who have maxed out their rank and level. Allows them to promote into a unique version of their class."
- Item Description

The Prestige Seal is a promotional item in Fire Emblem Chrono, which is based on the Mater Seal from all other entries in the series. This item allows a unit who has maxed out both their character level and their class rank to promote into their own unique version of their current class. It comes in two forms; the Prestige Seal promotes the unit into a brand new class, resetting their level to one, while the Royal Seal prestiges a unit into a new class, maxes out their level, gains all of their skills, and gives them a +10 boost to all stats.

Item Information Edit

Name Uses Cost Worth Effect
Prestige Seal 1 20,000 15,000 Prestige a max level, max rank unit.
Royal Seal 1 Cannot be bought 25,000 Prestige a unit and max out their level.

Item Locations Edit

Method Location
Dropped (Prestige Seal) TBD
Treasure (Prestige Seal) TBD
Bought (Prestige Seal) TBD
Treasure (Royal Seal) TBD, only one exists

Trivia Edit

  • The Prestige Seal is inspired by prestiging in the Call of Duty franchise, resetting your rank and giving you a reward.