"Damn, Mythrik! It's almost like you're trying to make things more complicated!"
This site was originally for a fan game, but is now for an actual, standalone title. It is being cleaned of incorrect information.

Welcome to Kunbri...Edit

Onryō: The Blade of Lost Heroes is a strategy game where the player has to save the time-space continuum from complete and utter destruction after a twisted mage uses fell magic to give life to a great demon.

Any Ideas?Edit

Though this is an individual project, I know a lot of you out there have ideas for weapons, skills, mechanics, and more, so if you want to submit one to us, go ahead and create a page for it. Oh, and make sure to mark it with the suggestion template!

Note that this wiki is less so a wiki and more of a planning center. By posting here, you are giving Joseph Bigham (JBYT LoadedTommy) direct permission to use your ideas as if they were his own. Do not submit ideas and copyrighted content you do not know to this wiki!

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