This is a list of traits that each unit starts the game with. They are specific to units, and cannot be transferred in any way.

Character Trait Effect
Mythrik Heir to the Throne Mythrik's royal rule grants them +2 damage dealt in towns, castles, fortresses, and other types of Headquarters.
Paras War King Paras's intimidating stature gives him and all allied units within 5 meters +3 damage dealt if you have more units than the enemy.
Mistae Mother Mistae's motherly love grants +2 to all stats (except HP) of the active unit when she is teamed up with Mythrik. If Mythrik is the active unit, both units gain +5 HP at the beginning of each of your turns.
Kino Queen of Peace Kino's peaceful agenda grants her and all allied units within 5 meters -2 damage received if you have less units than the enemy.
Richter Revolution Richter's rebellious streak grants him +3 damage dealt to units of his hometown, Kunbri.
Komos Komos's Lullaby Komos's sweet lullaby allows her to sing to send enemies to sleep. Chance of Success = Unit's Skill - Half Enemy's Skill.
Theros Vigilant Guard Theros is always watching, allowing him to defend units that he is not paired with, so long as he is in support range (3 meters)
Meena Darting Guard Prioritizes teammate's dodges over this unit saving that unit. +10 to avoidance of teammates.
Sana Laze When this unit is teamed up with another, the chance of this unit defending the other is halved, but the buffs to both team members are doubled.
Adonis Simply Beautiful -10 to opponent's hit rate if opponent is male.
Bela Silk Skin -5 durability, but +5 speed
Tommy Cold Blooded +3/+1 damage dealt/received when attacking
Tommy Warm Hearted -1/-3 damage dealt/received when defending.
Xavin Everlasting Endurance +25% to non-mounted movement and +5 to HP
Xavin Aisuru Doubles all buffs gained from teaming up with a female.
Hrathnahd Years of War Earns half experience and weapon proficiency, but gets +4 to all stats.
Taylor Silver and Gold +20% experience earned, and +10% to stat growth rates.
Barrett Pincer +1 bullet penetration damage, and +2 damage with sniper rifles.
Lynette Enasophobia Fear of the number one. Whenever this unit would deal one damage, it instead deals five damage. If an enemy unit in combat with this unit and has 1 HP, they instantly die.