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This is a list of traits that are given to units based on their interests. Each major character in the game has one.

Interest Trait Effect
Loves to Cook Leftovers This unit regains 10% HP at the beginning of (your) turn.
Loves to Train Trainee +2 damage dealt with training weapons.
Loves to Walk Hike (Without moving) Use "Hike" to move an extended distance while on foot. The unit cannot take an action after hiking.
Loves to Work Drill Units within 2 spaces with lower skill have skill +3. They instead have skill +5 if they have the "lazy" bane.
Loves to Fight Warrior Blood +2 damage dealt by this unit and all blood relatives.
Loves to Sleep Beauty Sleep Use "Sleep" to regain 10 HP. Unit is defenseless while sleeping. Wakes up on next (player) turn.
Loves Pets (Cats set as preference) Cat's Meow If a Nekomimi or Taguel is within 2 spaces of this unit, both units get -2 to damage received.
Loves Pets (Dogs set as preference) Wolf's Howl If a Kitsune or Wolfskin is within 2 spaces of this unit, both units get +2 to damage dealt.
Loves Pets (No preference) Cuddle Time Use "Cuddle" when on a mount or with a pet companion to get +3 to luck until your next turn.
Loves History Battle Historian +2 damage dealt with weapons of old.
Love Technology Tech Junkie +2 damage dealt with weapons of the future.
Loves Destroying Things Everything Bang +2 damage dealt with black powder weapons.
Loves Helping People By Your Side When supporting a character, that character gets -2 to damage received. Dual Guard gauge fills faster.
Loves Weapons Do It Yourself +2 damage dealt with crafted/forged traditional weapons.
Loves Reading Noteworthy +2 damage dealt with a crafted/forged tome
Loves Music In Tune +1 to all stats after being sung to by a Songstress/Dancer/Bard
Loves Horse Riding Equestrian Allows another full action after mounting/dismounting (Once per turn)
Loves Swordplay Duelist When wielding a sword, has an advantage against swords. Doubles weapon advantages with a sword.
Loves the Opposite Gender (Unit is female) Demoiselle -2 damage received by male units within 2 spaces.
Loves the Opposite Gender (Unit is male) Gentilhomme -2 damage received by female units within 2 spaces.
Love Dragons Dragon Tamer If a Nohr Prince, Nohr Noble, Hoshido Noble, Manakete , or Wyvern unit is within 2 spaces of this unit, both units get +2 to damage dealt.
Loves Being Different Self When not paired with another unit, receives support benefits as if they were paired with themselves (with an A level support).
Loves Hunting Beastbane Bonus damage dealt to beast mounts and beast units.
Loves His/Her Parents Ties that Bind All units within 2 spaces receive 1.5x benefit from A+, BFF, S, and S+ rank supports, even when this unit is paired with another.
Love Nothing Abrasive +1 damage dealt for each adjacent enemy, -1 damage dealt for each adjacent ally.