"A Royal Protector who never lets down their king. Defends the king with swords, knives, bows, and staves."
- Class Description
The King's Shadow is a combat physical and support class introduced in Chrono. A promotion of the Royal Protector, if the Avatar is male, it wields the same weapons as before, with the exception of now using bows. However, it becomes a more effective protective class, as it gains the ability to use staves to heal. It is very effective at protecting a target, as it gains the skills Live to Serve and On My Honor.

The King's Shadow has similar stats and growth to the Royal Protector. However, it has higher Def, slightly higher Res, a minor boost to Mag, and slightly higher skill.

Skills Edit

Skill Level Learned Effect
Live to Serve Level 5 Using a healing staff heals both the target and the user.
On My Honor Level 16 When paired with another unit, if that unit would take a lethal hit, this unit takes the hit instead (once per turn).

Notable King's Shadows Edit

Possible promotion for Komos and Theros, if the Avatar is male.