"A Royal Protector who's loyal to a fault. Defends the king with swords, lances, bows, and axes."
- Class Description
The King's Servant is a combat physical class introduced in Chrono. A promotion of the Royal Protector, if the Avatar is male, it goes from being protective to being offensive. It's use of newfound axes and lances (at the loss of knives) are supported by Knockback and King's Martyr.

The King's Servant has similar stats and growth to the Royal Protector. However, it has higher Str and Def, slightly higher skill, and slightly lower Res.

Skills Edit

Skill Level Learnt Effect
Knockback Level 5 Push an enemy back one space while attacking.
King's Martyr Level 16 When this unit falls, it may kill the unit that killed it. Always triggers in classic. Trigger % in casual = (Skill Stat x 0.75). Trigger % in Phoenix = (Skill Stat x 0.5)

Notable King's Shadows Edit

Possible promotion for Komos and Theros, if the Avatar is male.