"Future Dread Fighter. A gun, knife and bow wielder boasting an exotic style. Notable for dual wielding weapons."
- Class Description

Gan'ātisuto (Japanese for "Gun Artist") are a combat physical class introduced in Chrono. They are similar to Swordmasters, boasting high speed and skill and being skilled in their weapons. However, the difference is that Gan'ātisuto wield multiple weapons.

Gan'ātisuto have high speed and skill, as well as above par luck. However, they heavily rely on a high dodge rate, as one good hit can deplete their normally small HP bar. Also, though they have high skill, they have to rely on it to counteract their low strength, which comes from their dependence on guns.

Skills Edit

Skill Level Learnt Effect
Skill/Spd/Luck +1 Level 1 Grants Skill, Speed, and Luck +1
Bang Bang Level 8 Each weapon gets +2 Mt when this unit is dual wielding guns
Even Keel Level 15 +10 Hit with guns and bows.
Rechamber Level 27 If the unit has only one attack and misses, allows them to attack one more time if they are wielding a gun or bow (once per engagement)
Parry Level 35 Dodged and blocked attacks in range are countered. Cannot be paired with counter.

Notable Gan'ātisuto Edit

  • Tommy - Escapee from a branded attack, and a traveler from another dimension.
  • Possible personality class for Barrett.

Trivia Edit