"Mythical Ice magic. The tome is completely frozen, only opening to those who are willing to chill their hearts to harness its power."
~ Item Description

Eterna Frostica is the most potent form of Ice Magic in Chrono. When cast, the user conjures a massive blizzard that wraps around the opponent, freezing them, and sends a blast of freezing air in all directions, turning the tile the enemy is on, as well as tiles adjacent to them, into ice tiles. It is comparable to Rexcalibur from previous games, though Rexcalibur takes a different form in Chrono.

Stats Edit

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crit Rng WEXP Worth Extra Effects Other Uses
S 15 80% 0% 1-2 None Can't be sold Effective against flying units, weak against attacks from fire tomes, but effective attacking them, turns tile enemy is on into ice, as well as tiles adjacent to them, chance of freezing foes. Trigger % = (Skill) "Use" on small bodies of water to freeze them (area of 25 max)

Location Edit

Eterna Frostica is a special tome, and as such, it is difficult to come by, requiring the completion of it's own unique trial "Winter Hardship" in order to acquire. This trial is extremely difficult, and the team has to face off against many mages wielding ice tomes while being completely surrounded by ice spaces before finally facing the ice sage wielding Eterna Frostica, receiving it upon their defeat.

Etymology Edit

Eterna Frostica is based on the phrase "Eternal Frost". It's name also comes from the name of a plane in Nightfall.

Trivia Edit

  • Eterna Frostica is technically Rexcalibur from previous games. However, since Chrono has dedicated ice mage, and Rexcalibur froze opponents, Rexcalibur became a wind tome with different effects.