"An ancient weapon of heathen origins. May damage its wielder."
~ Item Description

The Devil Axe is a returning weapon in the Fire Emblem series, last seen in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Similarly to its previous appearances, the axe may randomly damage the user. However, when it backfires in Chrono, rather than dealing the damage to the user instead of the target, it instead deals the damage to both the user and the target. However, the damage dealt to the user is equal to the damage dealt to the target and is unaffected by defense. To add to this, if the weapon misses, it will always trigger a backfire.

Stats Edit

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crit Rng WEXP Cost Worth Extra Effects
E 20 100% 0% 1 5 Cannot be bought 1000 May occasionally backfire on the user when attacking, counterattacking, or breaking something. Trigger % = (30 - Luck Stat), cannot be less than 13%.