"I come from a long line of kings who seek only to control the world, yet here I am. I was marked a traitor for wanting peace and was chased to the edge of the world. I killed my own father, and took the throne by force, yet now I try to make peace. Why must I be so hypocritical?"
~Male Avatar, talking to his retainer, Komos

The Avatar, default name Mythrik, is the main character of Fire Emblem: Chrono, being the lead protagonist of the game. Their name, gender, appearance, and personality are all customizable by the player, as well as aspects of their sacred blade, Goryō.

Profile Edit

The Avatar is born to the King of Kunbri, Paras, and his wife, Mistae, being grown to one day serve as the new king/queen, depending on their gender. When the Avatar grows to the age of 22, Paras's retainer dies, and the king decides to make the avatar his retainer, seeing their skill in combat. However, the Avatar finds out that Paras has plans to seize the neighboring kingdom of Amurst, the home of the avatar's childhood friend, Kino, who is the princess of that realm. When the Avatar confronts Paras about Kino, Paras sends the Avatar off to bed. The next morning, the Avatar enters the throne room to find themselves surrounded, with Paras denouncing them as a traitor to Kunbri.

The Avatar ends up escaping, and they find a safe hideout with a resistance in Kunbri. Though the Avatar nearly gets killed by their leader, Richter, they eventually figure things out, and become allies to the Avatar. They end up starting a coup, and kill the king, leaving Kunbri without a leader. Despite Richter's protests, the Avatar takes the now empty throne, and vows to end the war between the kingdoms.

Personality Edit

Though the Avatar's personality is manipulated by the player's decisions, all in all, the Avatar still has a distinct personality all their own. The Avatar is bold, determined, and honest, sometimes to a fault. They are reckless, and will do anything to end a battle, sometimes to the point of seemingly throwing themselves away. They are not attuned to being royalty, having been the King's retainer, and therefore aren't that good with formalities, politics, or ruling a kingdom. They also do not know who to trust, and therefore either come by as untrusting or naive.

Etymology Edit

Mythrik's name is a take on Mithril, which is a form of "silvered steel." In RPGs, it is often renowned, as weapons made of it are often the strongest. It is loved for its quality and its luster.

Trivia Edit

  • Mythrik is a running gag in designer Joseph Bigham's video games and video game playthroughs. In fact, it ended up being the name of one of his avatars in every Fire Emblem game he's played!